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6 Jerry Gana Close, Utako
Abuja, FCT, Nigeria
Phone: +234 080 5444 1495

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Service Delivery

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Corporate Philosophy

Our core values form the bedrock upon which our service delivery to our clients is built. We believe that…

Efficiency and competency are crucial to servicing our clients and key to us for consistent cutting edge service delivery.

Responsibility to our clients and safeguarding information entrusted to us is fundamental

Anchoring and leveraging on our local & international networks to service our clients.

Our approach to service delivery

We offer blended service delivery that integrates global industry best practices with practical solutions based on our client needs, leveraging on IT and innovation, governed by our professional code and core values.

We believe in a collaborative approach working hand in hand with our clients to offer tailored practical solutions to the required service, paying attention to the quality of output and delivery time. Our value proposition relies on our understanding of our client’s business operations and new developments for the forecast of new legal requirements to adapt to changes with ease.

Services delivery methodology

Client intake & Planning
  • Briefing by client & engagement
  • Interviews & information gathering
  • Research & data analysis (biz intelligence, operational improvements, new markets strategy)
  • legal strategy development
  • Presentation of legal strategy to the client


  • Strategy implementation
  • Milestone reporting to clients
  • Engagement with client on work output
  • Preparation of final work product
  • Close out engagement with client
  • Submission of work product

Conflict of Interest

We maintain the highest possible standard of professionalism and ethics in all our business relationships, both within and outside the firm. ERA strictly complies with its legal, professional, and ethical obligations regarding conflict of interest, ensuring that maintain professional fairness in providing legal services and discharging our duties to all of our clients. Our conflict of interest policy ensures that we promptly identify, address and resolve any conflict issues that may arise.

Confidentiality Statement

One of our core values is “Responsibility to our clients and safeguarding information entrusted to us is fundamental”. We are committed to hold in strictest confidence, all information and documents disclosed to us and will not divulge same to any third party without express consent, or if compelled by law.